7 Tips for a Streamlined Move

Dated: July 28 2020

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7 Tips for a Streamlined Move

Pack up and move in without breaking a sweat.

The hot season of home buying and selling is upon us and therefore moving trucks may be in short supply this summer. If you’re at the end of your home buying timeline and are packing up to move, here’s how to make the transition smooth and efficient.

Choose the right date

Aim for a mid-week, mid-month move in date. Movers and rental trucks will increase in price as the weekend approaches and, during normal business hours, both dollies and elevators will be yours to utilize. Plus, you’ll have the whole weekend to unpack and settle in!

Do your research

When it comes to moving companies, compare both opportunity and financial cost. As a rule of thumb, get quotes from at least three different organizations. Then, you’ll have the confidence to choose whichever best fits your needs in terms of price and scope of services.

Declutter before packing

Take a note from Marie Kondo and get rid of anything you don’t absolutely love, need or want. Moving is exhausting to begin with, so avoid hauling anything you’re just going to throw out later anyway. Thoroughly clean out drawers, closets and storage units before packing even begins.

Don’t make any one box too heavy

Once you have a date, plan and scaled down belongings, break out the boxes. Be mindful about method, however, and avoid filling one box with dozens of books. Lighten each load with added pillows or clothing to avoid extensive heavy lifting.

Pack fragile items carefully

According to the American Moving & Storage Association, 20% of all moves result in damage claims filed. To ensure valuables make it safely, have plenty of packing peanuts, newsprint, box inserts and bubble wrap on hand. It may also be a good idea to snap a photo of each item pre-move, just in case something is damaged.

Clearly label boxes

The trick to seamless unpacking is all in the label. Aim to clearly mark the top and at least two sides, so your writing will still be visible when boxes are stacked. Cover marker with packing tape so your labels won’t be torn, scratched or ripped clean off.

Keep some items separate

Some items can be hazardous or dangerous to move, so consider transporting them separately or disposing of entirely. Hazardous materials such as paints, varnishes and cleaning chemicals can be packed together, preferably in plastic bins. Medications should also be kept separate and, if necessary, must be disposed of properly.

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7 Tips for a Streamlined Move

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